The zealous journey to fulfill the needs of the precious Orphanage “Lar Batista” in Tocantins, Brazil,

                         was the primordial motivation to record the CD HINOS. This CD is uniquely for charitable purposes.


      The recording was made in Germany, on the Steinmeyer Organ, at the major Evangelical Lutheran Church in Karlsruhe.

       The Steinmeyer Organ built in 1958, is a remarkable instrument that has more than 5.000 pipes with immense variety

                                                                                             of sounds and timbres.


                                                 In this CD you can hear introductions and variations of fourteen hymns.





                                                                                         THE RELEASE OF CD HINOS

                                        was praised with great enthusiasm and support from both the public and media, 

                                               at the University of Music Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, on September 1. 2012.


  Since then the profits of this CD has been entirely for the aid of the 33 children living in Orphanage “Lar Batista” in Tocantins.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



Please enjoy the free samples below!                                                                   The CD HINOS is only avaliable for purchase in Brazil.