"Mr. Soren´s strong faith, radiates intensley through his organ music.

Albert Schweitzer once said: "J.S. Bach was with his music, the fifth Evangelist."

One is inclined, to say similar about Mr. Soren:

His organ playing is Proclamation, is Preaching.


Thank you for the inspiring musical shaping of Worship Services."


Rev. i. R.  Gerhard Koch

Evangelical Christuskirche Karlsruhe

   "Monsieur Amaru Soren, besides being an excellent organist, is a musician of great liturgical sense.

His qualities always contribute to a deep spirituality and reverence in moments of Worship.

What a joy to have the opportunity to prepare Masses and Vespers with a musician like this!"


Père Jean-Marie Touvron

Eglise Saint-Nicolas, Grosbreuil, France

    "I remember with great joy and gratitude the Worship Services with Amaru Soren as our organist in the Huguenot Church. Among others Services, like the occasion of the 325th anniversary of our church and frequently on 31. December, our Annual Closing Year Service.

The repertoire which he selected as Pre- and Postludien, was perfect in combination to the Sunday`s Biblical Theme. 

Through his precise preparation and deeply driven accompaniment of congregational singing, Amaru has won the hearts of the worshipers.

For me Amaru Soren is the Poet among our organists, because he recreates with harmonic and colors."


Hildegard Schlund 

Member of the Hugenottenkirche - Evangelical Reformed Church in Erlangen.

"A receptive organist at the classic Huguenot Church in Erlangen. What a wonderful meditative experience!"


Irmgard Hofler